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Week 1: Welcome to J309 and HTML

// Topics:
Intros; Syllabus and survey review; Class infrastructure; How Web works; Build first Web page

// Slides
Week 1 slides – PDF

// Assignment(s):

  • Skills survey: A) Download Word doc:, rename the file with your name, complete it then email it to me ( with the subject: J309 Surveys. Deadline: Saturday, Aug. 29 by 6PM
  • Write Bio web page: A) Write a 500 to 800-word bio, that also includes why you want to be a journalist. B) Convert that bio into an HTML page by by adding HTML tags, etc. BRING that HTML file to class next week. Deadline: Tuesday, Sep. 1 by Noon
  • Complete HTML course: This w3 interactive course is at: Make sure you take the quiz, and get on time to class for that *cough* something *cough* Deadline: Tuesday, Sep. 1 by Noon
  • Also, add your track to the class playlist here:

// Resources(s):