Week 3: Intro to Photography and Photoshop

// Topics:
What makes a good photo (Required: Check out/bring digital camera and cables/card readers); Intro to Photoshop and optimizing for the Web; Community in context;

// Slides
Week 3 slides – PDF

// Assignment(s):

  • Photo Scavenger Hunt: Go to our neighborhood (Little Tokyo + Toy District) and collect at least
 7 photos from the bingo list. Plus create a 5-shot photo essay with captions. Create a WordPress post and upload your photos (with captions) and post a link in comments of this post. Deadline: Tuesday, Sep. 15 by Noon
  • Complete CSS course: This w3 interactive course is at:
 http://bit.ly/w3css Make sure you take the quiz, and get on time to class for that *cough* something *cough* Deadline: Tuesday, Sep. 15 by Noon
  • Start thinking about beat pitches: As you explore the neighborhood, look for a topic/theme/beat you want to cover the rest of this semester. It should be accessible, rich journalistically and with multimedia opportunities. Deadline: Friday, Sep. 18 by Noon

// Resources(s):

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