Week 4: Intro to Audio and Audacity

// Topics:
Review galleries; What makes good audio; Intro to Audacity

// Slides
Week 4 slides – PDF

// Assignment(s):

  • Audio profile from community: Head to our section of the map to find, record and edit an in-their-own-words profile piece. Must include a human (intro and at least one quote) and ambient sound. Length :60 minimum / Upload/FTP the MP3 onto your ascjweb.org server. Post the link/URL to blog post’s commentsDeadline: Tuesday, Sep. 22 by Noon
  • Community beat pitches: Write up a pitch for your top three topic/beat choices. Must include at least once REAL source per beat, plus how you plan to use multimedia to tell the story. Email me your pitch Deadline: Sunday, Sep. 20 by 5PM

// Resources(s):

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