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Digital Footprint: Taylor Villanueva

There are many Taylor Villanuevas in the world. There’s a kid whose Facebook says he likes Lady Gaga and Celine Dion, someone with a Twitter handle “da_ratchet_one” and an avid Vine user who revines occasionally explicit posts instead of creating his own. But minimal methods of deduction indicate these are not the girl who studies broadcast journalism at the University of Southern California.

The first place I found that Taylor Villanueva is on Twitter, the second link to pop up after a Google search of just her name. There I discovered she is a student representative for Adobe, the secretary for USC’s chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and a producer for SCVTV, a local news station in Santa Clarita. These involvements are reflected not only in her short bio, but also her tweets and retweets, which also indicate she’s very involved in the Annenberg Media Center. Taylor’s tweets are almost completely news-oriented; the most opinionated tweet she’s sent in the last month has to do with being excited about a new show with both John Stamos and Josh Peck (and who wouldn’t be?)

Her Twitter also led me to her website, which introduces her involvement in Annenberg TV News, Annenberg Radio News and Neon Tommy. It includes packages of her work as a broadcast journalist, one writing sample, a short biography, and her resume. Her resume shows that she is deeply involved in producing news in Santa Clarita, Calif. The website also has her phone number and email for potential employers to reach her.

Her LinkedIn also showed up with a basic Google search, showing all of the same credentials as her resume, but adding smaller involvements from the past, like producing the The SCoop or serving as a brand ambassador for Coca-Cola. I also discovered she transferred from College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, which explains her deep involvement there.

I could only find her Facebook easily by searching “Taylor Villanueva USC,” but once I did, I learned she plays soccer. I also learned she likes Harry Potter, the Pretty Little Liars books, singing and One Direction (shhh, me too.)

Overall, Taylor is very accessible online as a journalist. It is clear what she wants to do and what she has already learned to do from a basic Google search, but her personal life is a little harder to find. She has a great professional presence online.

Digital Footprint – Noah Camarena

Noah Camarena is a big sports fan. He is a member of the class of 2017 at USC Annenberg studying print and digital journalism, and he currently works as a tour guide trainer with the USC Admission Center and holds an internship with the public relations department of the Los Angeles Lakers.

According to a Facebook profile that isn’t completely locked down to the general public, Noah was born on June 2, 1995 and grew up in Lemoore, a small city in central California’s San Joaquin Valley that’s home to a U.S. Naval Air Station. At Lemoore High School, Noah appears to have been both a trumpet player and drum major for the marching band and also a part of the color guard.

Judging by his Facebook photos, Noah is now a proud member of the Sigma Nu fraternity and an active participant in the USC social scene – from football tailgates to sorority mixers. He also possesses what Facebook friend Abby Widtfeldt called “eyebrow game on fleek” and seems to be quite popular on the social network – his profile photos regularly receive 100 to 200 likes.

Although many of the photos and posts on Noah’s Facebook profile are easy to find and access for someone who’s not one of his Facebook friends, there’s honestly nothing too unprofessional or harmful for his reputation or brand to find on there. That being said, it still might be a good idea to tighten up those privacy settings.

Noah’s LinkedIn profile shows that in addition to his positions as a tour guide and Lakers intern, he writes entertainment pieces for Neon Tommy and sports pieces for the Daily Trojan, where he is the men’s basketball beat writer. He also previously wrote for a publication called iSportsweb.

A quick Google search easily brings up many of Noah’s stories for Neon Tommy, Daily Trojan and iSportsweb. His Neon Tommy portfolio includes a good mix of episode recaps for “Empire,” celebrity coverage, listicles and entertainment industry think pieces. His other stories focus mainly on USC football and basketball, and also include a couple of pieces for The Odyssey Online and reporting that was mentioned by USC football blog Reign of Troy. There are also posts by Noah on “Unpopular Journalism,” which looks to be a class blog for a previous class. There’s not much on it, so it probably doesn’t need to be public, but it’s not really hurting either. Overall Noah has a strong sampling of professional work that shows up prominently in Google search results for his name.

Noah’s YouTube channel contains mostly schoolwork – J303 packages and exercises, his tier 3 multimedia review for this class and two videos of him holding a conversation in Spanish for a USC Spanish class. There’s also an odd recording of a song parody for asking a sorority to homecoming on behalf of his fraternity. Nothing bad, but some of those videos could probably be made private just because they aren’t necessary for his public channel. A web search for “Noah Camarena YouTube” also returns some videos of his high school marching band performances.

Noah’s Twitter, @noahcamarena, also is easy to find while searching for his name. It is very heavy on sports content with lots of activity, although most of it is in the form of retweets. There’s also some commentary and a live-tweeting of the USC-ASU football game. He follows 577 and has 226 followers, but is lucky enough to count @BarackObama as one of them. His Twitter account mirrors his journalistic interests well, as most of the accounts he follows seem to be athletes or entertainers in some capacity.

Even with some in-depth digging, there’s nothing at all glaring or negative in Noah’s digital footprint. I would recommend locking down the Facebook profile a bit more with privacy settings and maybe trimming the fat from his online portfolio by setting unnecessary posts or YouTube uploads to private, but that’s really just a precaution more than anything.

David Tepper’s Digital Footprint

While gathering information to assess David Tepper’s digital footprint, Google had me asking-

Will the real David Tepper please stand up?

It seems that there’s another man by the name of David Tepper who is an American hedge fund manager, and he often frequents the Forbes 400 lists. After searching through to page 20 of Google (the end of the search), I quickly realized that I wouldn’t find very much information about our very own David Tepper this way.

After searching on Google, I searched “David Tepper” and “David Tepper USC” on Bing and Yahoo but didn’t have any luck getting past the information on the well-known billionaire. I couldn’t find a LinkedIn or Flickr account either unless it is buried underneath all of the results for the other David Tepper.

So I took to Facebook next, and while signed in I could see quite a bit more than when I was signed out. While signed in, I gathered that David is from Charlotte, North Carolina. According to Facebook, David’s favorites are Icon Plaza (which I’m assuming he lives at or lived at some point) and his fraternity, Sigma Alpha Mu. From his cover photos, I could tell that he is both a University of North Carolina and University of Southern California football fan. The other cover photos that I could view seemed to be promotions for his fraternity’s events, including Sammy Fall Rush, Sigma Aloha Mu, Pandemonium, Dirty Disney and A Night in the SAMptons. None of the profile pictures that I could access were compromising in any way. From his photos I also gathered that he is involved in Trojan Dance Marathon.

When I was signed out of my personal account, there were stricter security settings for David’s profile. I couldn’t view any of his profile pictures other than the one he has currently and could only view his cover photos, a few of which I mentioned above.

It doesn’t seem that David uses social media very often, though I did find his Twitter and Instagram accounts. David’s Twitter handle is @dtepUSC and he posted his first Tweet last March. He only has 5 tweets and they are all related to class reporting for the midterm elections. David’s Instagram account is @datepp and his first post was 5 weeks ago. On Instagram, David posted a photo a few weeks ago of two drinks with the caption “Free drinks…The perks of reporting in Little Tokyo.”

I did find that we contributed to an article on Neon Tommy together for a print reporting class last year titled Crime, Employment, Education on District 8 Voter’s Agenda. On Neon Tommy, I also found his articles Midterm Watch: National Impact on Local Issues in New York’s 9th District and contribution to Midterm Watch: Hottest Races in the Country that he wrote for Professor Alan Mittelstaedt’s class.

Overall, there is nothing negative in David’s digital footprint that would harm him in any way. Any information I could find portrayed David in a positive light. If a future employer were to search for David they probably wouldn’t find much aside from the David Tepper that’s a billionaire, and likely wouldn’t have the time to search through multiple search pages. I couldn’t find a LinkedIn account for David, but it may be a good idea to create one to make his digital presence better known and give employers a little bit more background about his interests and experience.

I also found that David’s birthday was October 8 – so happy belated! Thanks to his friend David Woon on Facebook for this one:


Paolo Uggetti’s Digital Footprint

Paolo Uggetti has a comprehensive and largely positive digital footprint. When Googling Paolo’s full name the first search result returned is his Twitter account. Paolo’s twitter account has wonderful exposure and his tweet’s have been linked in stories from outlets such as Fox Sports, the Bleacher Report and SB Nation.

A Universal Sports story Paolo wrote appears on a second page Google search and a deeper Google search of his name reveals links to numerous Neon Tommy stories he’s authored as well as awards and scholarship recognition he’s received.

His portfolio website—created on squarespace and linked in his Twitter bio—is updated regularly and includes projects produced for this class. The website also indicates Paolo has written for Medium’s sports publisher The Cauldron—a publication of Sports Illustrated. It appears that anyone with a medium account can submit stories but only those that meet certain standards are published.

There is room for improvement in SEO regarding Paolo’s Universal Sports and The Cauldron stories. While he might not be able to control the algorithms for these two sites, he can improve his profile by mentioning those contributions in his Twitter bio or creating separate sections on his medium page that allows an onlooker to see more than just Neon Tommy stories.

The majority of videos on Paolo’s YouTube and Vine accounts appear related to USC sports. Some of the videos and images are of a pastor with the same name. Based on what Paolo said in class, I can deduce that the other Paolo Uggetti is likely his father.

Paolo’s digital footprint makes it difficult to tell much about him beyond his journalistic accomplishments. Without logging into Facebook, very little of Paolo’s online profile is viewable. While in high school it appears Paolo experimented with using a website called Pheed. It features pictures of him wearing new clothes, Starbucks drinks and time with friends. Paolo’s Instagram account is private, which is fine but just as there are drawbacks with a locked twitter account, similar principles can be applied to a locked instrgram account.

Lastly, Paolo markets himself as a journalism student. While most of his clips come from Neon Tommy and the Daily Trojan and are examples of quality journalism, it’s important to market oneself as a professional rather than just a student.

Overall, it is clear from Paolo’s digital footprint that he is interested in sports journalism and has a great deal of experience at the collegiate level. He effectively uses the web as a branding platform. Paolo appears acutely aware of the concept that once something is put on the Internet it is indelible and as a result seems to take a measured approach when disseminating content.

Digital Footprint – Caitlin Plummer

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 12.14.28 AM

Meet Caitlin Plummer. Coffee is her drink of choice, and who can blame her? As her WordPress blog says, she hails from the Pacific Northwest—Lynwood, Washington, to be specific—where she attended Meadowdale High School. There, Caitlin hit the ideal graduate trifecta by being her class’s valedictorian, student body president and editor in chief of the school’s paper before making the trip south to USC in order to major in journalism. Here at USC, Caitlin has taken advantage of all the opportunities the school provides, as a simple internet search exhibits the variety of her experiences.

Enter Neon Tommy’s website and you’ll likely find an article written by Caitlin, a staff reporter who’s done stories like talking to women Uber drivers or the voting proportion at city council elections. Annenberg Radio News is also Caitlin’s canvas, where she’s created audio stories spanning from food to sports. Check out USC’s Admission Center staff, and Caitlin is featured prominently as one the select few who get to give tours of the university.

Caitlin is also a proponent and promoter of gender equality, a trait not just shown by the topics of her some her work, but by her memberships too. Caitlin is a part of the Marshall School of Business’s Women’s Leadership Board, an organization that seeks “to provide a productive and stimulating venue for aspiring professional women at USC, while focusing on collaboration, creativity, communication, networking.”

Outside the confines of University Park, Caitlin has interned at My Edmond News, according to her online resume, and worked as a summer intern and an intern columnist there while still being in high school. She has also interned at MySpace, as spelled out by her LinkedIn profile, which also shows how she got into writing and expressing her opinions freely.

Caitlin’s extra-curricular activities don’t stop at the academic and professional levels, however. She’s volunteered at NPH USA and was junior counselor at Mount Triumph Leadership Camp.And, as this well-produced video shows, Caitlin is also proud member of the sorority Alpha Gamma.

With 3,177 tweets under her belt and 444 followers to her name, Caitlin considers herself a “twitter enthusiast”, a platform where she expresses her views as well as provides topical comedy from time to time.

If you’d like to get on Caitlin’s good side, humming the song “American Pie” would be a good place to start. According to her internet profiles, she knows all the words to the song; she has also has great affinity for Billy Joel, John Mayer, raspberries and peanut butter and the show Nashville.


Alex Duplessis Digital Footprint

The first place I found Alex online was through Facebook. It said that he is from La Crescenta, California and went to Pasadena City College before transferring to USC. From Facebook visibility, I gathered the following information:

He enjoys listening to Muse, Zac Brown Band, Kid Cudi, and Eminem, the last of which he considers one of his inspirations. He’s read One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Orwell’s 1984. He likes The Lord of the Rings, Inception, and Batman: The Dark Night. He loves comedic television, like Family Guy, Blue Mountain State, and Tosh.0. He’s obsessed with football, and is a huge Seahawks fan, but also loves the New England Patriots’ Tom Brady. Alex is a Libertarian and a big Ron Paul fan.

Upon seeing his profile picture on Facebook, I Googled “Alex Duplessis Linkedin” and easily found his profile. I learned that he is a writer and reporter at Annenberg TV News and Annenberg Radio News and he interned at CV Weekly in the summer of 2013. His contact information on Linkedin is, from which I concluded that he was born in December of 1994. I’d probably recommend that he change his email address to something more professional. I also saw that he was connected to a Lori Duplessis, the COO of The Barnes Group, so I assume that they are related.

I then input Alex’s name into Twitter and again found his account easily. He doesn’t use Twitter too often, so it was easy to look through all of his tweets, favorites, and who he’s following. From his Twitter account, he favorited tweets about things to do with the band Journey, Apple products, and religion.

I then Googled, Yahoo-ed, and Binged “Alex Duplessis USC” and found the following information:

Alex writes for Neon Tommy Sports. He is a USC football student manager. He was on the USC Annenberg Spring 2015 Dean’s List. Alex graduated high school in 2012. He attended Crescenta Valley High School and was the quarterback of the varsity football team. His jersey was #11. He is roughly 5’10, 168 pounds, and can run a 40 yard dash in 4.80 seconds. He wrote about how to help the Nepalese after the country’s earthquake. Alex has a YouTube channel, but he only uses it for school. Alex has written for the Crescenta Valley Weekly sports section. He is probably related to a Misty Duplessis, who has also written for the Crescenta Valley Weekly.

Overall, his image is very clear and he is well seasoned for what he wants to go into, which, I’m assuming, is sports journalism. He lives and breathes football, which ESPN or the NFL would be happy to know of its prospective employee.

Digital Footprint: Jared Servantez

The first thing that appears on a Google Search is his Twitter account @jservantez. From his Twitter profile, one can see what Jared looks like, knows he hails from San Diego, and attends USC Annenberg as a Journalism student. There’s also a link to his Facebook profile, which didn’t work. Based on his tweets, Jared is a San Diego Chargers and Red Sox fan. He appears to be a Bernie fan or at least a Democrat and is a USC Phi Sigma Kappa member.

His tweets range from live tweets to reaction to current events to links to articles. He stopped tweeting personal life updates sometime in 2013. All his tweets are public.

On Linkedin, Jared’s current role is a USC student worker; he was formerly a staff writer for Daily Trojan and Neon Tommy. He attended a journalism summer programs and interned for a TV station. Overall, his LinkedIn is as should be, professional and concise.

In terms of Facebook, when I searched after logging out of my account, I couldn’t find an account that fitted what I looked for. Jared was not of one the 10 accounts given. However, after Google searching his name and Facebook, links to Facebook posts made by a Jared Servantez on a concert’s page and pictures that a Jared Servantez had taken senior year of high school requesting photo credit popped up. I wasn’t able to click on the account’s picture or name to see the profile though. Only after logging into my account and seeing we had mutual friends, was I able to confirm that was indeed our Jared. His thumbnail photo had his face cast in shadow and it was small and very hard to see.

Just on the first page of the Google search, I was able to see that Jared had a visible account on many social media platforms like Medium, Storify, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Youtube, Vine, and Vimeo. Facebook was the most guarded and the hardest for me to find.

I was able to find relevant information about Jared up until page 12 of my Google search. Jared had placed 2nd place at the 2010 NSPA Picture of the Year back in high school. He ran a 20:15:6:52 in the freshman boys 2.95 mile. He had a Connect 6 Degrees account from 2011 that listed him as currently working at Neon Tommy. Perhaps the most surprising thing I found was on page 12, a home video of Jared walking for his high school graduation. Throughout my search of the pages, it’s important to note that I could find at least something written by or related to Jared on each page. I don’t think what the internet has on Jared is bad, but I am surprised that there is just so much information on him.




Brianne Tracy Digital Footprint

Brianne Tracy’s Facebook account tells us a fair amount about her. For starters, you can see she is from the Bronx, New York. Her pictures tell us she’s a part of the Pi Beta Phi sorority here at USC. It’s also pretty obvious she has a passion for fashion based on her past profile pictures, two of which are the covers of a fashion magazine and another three look like fliers or ads for different fashion events. Some additional info that’s available on her Facebook include: she attended Preston High School, interned at Marie Claire and The B94.5 Live in Pennsylvania, was a stylist at LF Stores and is a Justin Bieber fan.

Compared to her Facebook account, her Twitter is disappointing. He Tweets are protected. To see anything she’s tweeted, she has to confirm you as a follower first.

LinkedIn reveals a lot about Brianne, which it should. Before coming to USC, she spent a year at Penn State University, where she was an editor and writer for the fashion section of the school’s student-run life and style magazine, called VALLEY. Her profile also tells us she was a communication and marketing intern for Trish McEvoy. She was also a social media and brand intern for BCBG Maxazria in L.A. During her time here at USC, Brianne has held different roles in Annenberg’s Media Center. She’s been an assignment desk editor, web editor, member of the studio staff and is now a multimedia journalist. She is also a staff reporter for Neon Tommy, and is currently the Vice President of Marketing for the USC Fashion Industry Association.

Looking at Brianne’s ATVN profile, you’ll see a mostly entertainment stories, but there are a couple that break that mold. Her Neon Tommy profile followed a similar trend; with her first four articles all being about entertainment and Hollywood. After those first four, however, her stories were about more serious topics like crime, politics and gender inequality. Looking at her YouTube account, you’ll also find a few video packages she did in the Hollywood area, as well as a package about LAX ride sharing.

A little more digging and you’ll come across her page on The Cardinal and Gold Standard WordPress cite. Here we learn she didn’t always aspire to be a journalist. Growing up, she wanted to work on Broadway, but something changed along the way. Now, Brianne wants to be an entertainment reporter for E! News, or work in some sort of fashion role for a magazine.

Whatever the future may hold for Brianne, it doesn’t appear that her digital footprint will cause her any trouble. Her digital footprint doesn’t show anything negative—it only shows that she knows what she’s passionate about and is determined to work doing something she loves.

Digital Footprint Assignment- Matt Lemas

I was surprised to see the amount of information I learned about Matt from a simple Google search without clicking on any of the links. Just from the Google results page for “Matt Lemas” alone, I was able to find out that his Twitter handle is @mattlemas, he is a reporting intern at the Orange County Register, author at the Daily Trojan and that there is an accounting firm run by someone with the same name in San Diego.

More in depth, he has been on Twitter since September 2013 and has accumulated 249 followers and is following 265 others. According to his bio, Matt is a features editor at the Daily Trojan, an aspiring dachshund collector, and most surprisingly, a former real housewife of OC. His latest tweet about his apartment building weeping due to the closing of Fresh and Easy leads me to believe that he lives in Gateway. Besides that, most of tweets seem to be retweets and links to other content or original tweets about observations such as “The average human spends 17 years of their life untangling headphones” which sounds pretty accurate.

Matt’s Facebook looks to have strong privacy settings, so I was not able to find out too much about him beyond his favorite books, movies, music television shows, etc. Under the athletics column, Matt liked “Lion Nation” which appears to be a group for the Catholic high school JSerra in San Juan Capistrano, Orange County. Judging from his cover photo, Matt is not just a big fan of dachshunds, but also cats of all types and exotic colors.

On Linked in, Matt has 177 connections. I learned he has been a contributor for the RYOT media company. He is fluent in English and has a limited working proficiency in Spanish. Matt is set to graduate from USC in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in Print and Digital Journalism, as well as political science. He is involved with the Delta Omicron Zeta fraternity.

His Youtube page includes three packages for what is likely his J302 class and the infamous “downed horse” and “Hillside seq 1” videos that were used for learning Premiere Pro in J203. Through his J201 WordPress blog, I was able to confirm that Matt is originally from Orange County. Just like myself, joining his school’s newspaper in senior year is what sparked his interest in journalism. At the time of writing that blog post, he aspired to write for the Los Angeles Times or Time.

Digital Footprint: Kate Guarino

Kate Guarino has an extensive and clean digital footprint that extends into her personal and professional life. Through The Annenblog, a WordPress site created for USC’s History of News in Modern America class, the public can gather the following: Kate is a student at the University of Southern California majoring in Print and Digital Journalism with a minor in Political Organization in the Digital Age. She hails from the suburbs of Washington D.C. and her interest in journalism started when she was young.

Kate is present on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. According to Kate’s public Facebook profile, she likes listening to artists like Snow Patrol, the Beatles and MGMT. Her favorite movies and TV shows include Dirty Dancing, The Princess Bride, Friends and Scandal. She also enjoyed reading The Outsiders and Slaughterhouse-Five. Her other interests, as shown through her ‘liked’ pages, include Matthew Perry, laughing, Starbucks and Entertainment Weekly.

Kate is also present on Twitter. Her Twitter handle is @IAmKateGuarino and her personal description indicates that she is a multiplatform journalist. She joined Twitter in August 2012 and she appears to have more retweets and quoted tweets than original tweets. Kate retweets news articles about a variety of issues, including racial segregation, sexual assault and females in politics. She has some original tweets, including pictures of her at the The International Women’s Media Foundation’s Courage in Journalism Awards and a Grey’s Anatomy viewing party with her high school friends.

According to Kate’s LinkedIn profile, she is currently a staff reporter for the Orange County Register and Daily Trojan, a researcher for the USC Annenberg Center on Communication Leadership and Policy, and a managing editor for Intersections South LA. In the past, she has worked for Voice of America, Tocar Spa, Neon Tommy and Costa Communications. She also attended the Medill-Northwestern Journalism Institute in 2012.

Kate’s professional work is showcased through her work with various media organizations. Kate writes for the varsity arts section for the Orange County Register, having covered the Santa Ana Summer Film Academy, the Mariachi Nationals and Summer Institute, and the Santa Ana High School marching band. For the Daily Trojan, Kate published articles about fundraising at the USC Annenberg School, an Italian scam artist near USC and the shortcomings of binge watching television.

Overall, Kate has an extensive, yet safe digital footprint. She showcases her best work, professional side and personal interests, and does not reveal anything that could be damaging to her reputation and personal brand.