Hannah Vega Digital Footprint

Your digital footprint looks pretty clean, Hannah! The first result was your personal website, which is well put together and had great links to your blog and social media presence. If you can, consider making the audio and video clips on your website more visually inviting. Take advantage of embedding your content from SoundCloud and YouTube! Your blog is visually pleasant and engaging. I like that your blog has several different social media channels attached to it as well.

You have relevant, news-related public posts on Facebook. You could maybe clean out some of your profile pictures from middle school, but otherwise you have a clean Facebook presence. I was definitely a bit taken aback by your Twitter bio. I wouldn’t want the first thing an employer sees in my bio to be that I self-identify as “spoiled.” Besides that, you do a great job keeping your Twitter active and posting often. If you want to eventually do political coverage, watch what you like on Twitter closely so you don’t seem biased.  Your LinkedIn is completely filled out and is compelling. Your Instagram feed has beautiful, high-quality images that are classy and visually appealing.

As far as your professional work, your Annenberg Media Center work from the conventions comes up early and it makes you stand out. Your Neon Tommy work features pretty high up as well. The press releases from Annenberg and other organizations promoting the work that your team did also come up early, which help add legitimacy to your reporting. It seems that your professional internship work doesn’t come up even if you may have clips, so making them more prominent on your personal website will be key in proving you have produced work in a professional environment.

You appear to share a name with a low-profile actress and many people on social media, but your results are definitely the most prominent ones that appear. Google seems to bring up more of your results higher up than Bing. With Bing, there are many more extraneous results of other Hannah Vegas. That could mean that because I’m peripherally connected to you that Google can tell that you would be the person I’m looking for, but that’s just a general trend I noticed. In Google Images, you have a few relevant pictures that come up right away in the results. Luckily for you, you only have a few weird or inappropriate photos associated with your name. Searching “Hannah Vega journalist” produces very relevant results.

A couple of your Prezi school projects came up, but they appear to be pretty well done and you shouldn’t worry about them. Maybe it would be a good idea to make the projects you don’t need anymore private.

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