Digital Footprint: Jordan Schuchmann

I did my peer review on Jordan Schuchmann. I didn’t find anything questionable, but I did find a lot of career related things that Jordan has done. The top five results that are shown are LinkedIn, Twitter, a page through Annenberg Media’s website, a link to his personal website and a link to iTunes for his podcast, which is also linked through his personal website. It was also very clear that Jordan is interested in sports, a member of a fraternity and has a girlfriend.

I found conflicting information on whether his major was business administration or broadcast journalism, and I don’t know if that is a bad thing, but it was noticeable between different pages that are associated with Jordan. Specifically, on LinkedIn it says business administration, but when looking at the Sports Business Association page, it lists both.

Jordan’s website has links to his weekly podcast as well as stories that he has written, but a lot of it seems to be out of date. It seems like most of it hasn’t been updated recently since a lot of the stories are from the 2015 football season.

You can also see how involved Jordan is with school organizations, specifically in Annenberg and the Sports Business Association. One can clearly see through Jordan’s activities and affiliations that he is pursuing a career in the sports field.

Also, through Google images there isn’t anything of concern. There are pictures of Jordan in both professional and athletic settings.

On YouTube, Jordan has the videos that he has done for various journalism classes. They too are centered on the sports world and are heavily focused on the USC angle.

On Jordan’s website, there are links to his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. On Facebook, because of the privacy settings you can only view certain things. There isn’t anything incriminating on Facebook, but it is clear that Jordan uses Facebook as a personal tool rather than a professional outlet. There are pictures of him with his fraternity brothers and at frat events, but there isn’t any alcohol or anything shady, which reflects well on him.

Jordan’s Twitter is relatively active, and it mostly deals with sports. Most of the tweets are just retweets or comments on retweets from other USC football sources, but further back there are a lot more personal thoughts and opinions, which are key for building the personal brand.

On Instagram, things are a little odd. Jordan’s profile is public, which is also good for brand building, but the pictures that are posted on Instagram tend to be a bit more incriminating than those that he used as profile pictures on Facebook. There were a couple photos that showed cigars and alcohol, which could be considered bad with a public profile.

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