Digital Footprint Assignment

I did my peer review on Marina Peña. At first glance, Marina’s online presence is simple and to the point: she has a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and a number of articles on Annenberg Media. I cannot be sure if I just did not look hard enough, but seems like she does not have an Instagram, Flickr or accounts on any of the other big social media sites. It is worth mentioning, though, that her name is on the common side so I might have just missed it.

On Twitter, Marina makes her ambitions to be a journalist clear – almost all her content is connected to current events. For example, a good number are retweets from news sources with an added line of her opinion, or her live-tweeting from Annenberg related events. Her latest tweets are videos of her interviewing celebrities Kendrick Sampson and Shailene Woodley at a rally for clean water at MacArthur Park, both of which were really interesting and perhaps indicative of her interest in environmental reporting. However, she isn’t particularly active on the site, opting for short bursts of tweets every few days and very little engagement with other Twitter users.

On Facebook, Marina shares similar videos to those on her twitter- stories from big news sites that relate to her interests. There are no inappropriate photos or content, but it is quite an open profile giving the public access to photos dating all the way back to 2010.

Marina’s LinkedIn profile is really clean and conveys her experience and skills in a thorough manner. Specifically, her fluency in 4 languages is very impressive, as is her initiative to directly link to her articles, making it easy for potential employers to find her past work.

On Annenberg Media, Marina has a number of articles on varying topics such from LGBTQ matters to entertainment, which always a good way to show variety in writing.

Overall, I think Marina has a good overall presence, even a quick glance gives you a clear idea of just how passionate she is about reporting. Nothing incriminating or inappropriate showed up even after extensive research, so she does not need to worry about future employers holding anything like that over her head.

Other than that, I think Marina’s only considerations should relate to whether or not she wants to be a top result on google, for which she would have to put in a concerted effort due to her name being fairly common. If, however, she prefers to be more on the private side, I think she has the perfect amount of information available to the public.

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