Rachel Cohrs Final Package Pitch

I am working on a package on how youth in the MacArthur Park area view their futures. I am planning to get input from three different age groups; one story from a 20-year-old who is doing community organizing with the UCLA Labor Center’s new Health Ambassador program, a few vignettes and possibly a feature from high school students in the midst of applying to college, and a group of elementary school students. I have all of these interview groups scheduled and set up. Based on the stories of the students, I am planning to group the students into different challenges they face and ways people have helped them. I am also going to talk to experts at USC about the lack of diversity and equity in higher education. I have three contacts right now, but none have confirmed yet. Data from studies conducted on the educational equity of low-income students in Los Angeles will supplement the core of the project.

I’m planning to do something similar to the sliding photo/audio gallery, but possibly with rollover videos. I may also play around with expanding captions. I’d also like to do a web video feature on the student with the UCLA Labor Center. I have an interview and shadowing set up with him on Friday, so I should be able to get a sense of what shots would be best for a 2:00 feature web video on him.

I can see the page laid out as sort of a timeline, with each of the age groups set out as a separate group. I’m also hoping to break up the page with block quotes. Depending on the photo opportunities, I may also include a Thinglink on one of the students.

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