Final Pitch

For my final project, I want to explore why the area of MacArthur Park has become a hub for immigrants, especially Latin American immigrants. According to census data, thirty-five percent of Los Angeles County is now foreign-born. I want to talk about the different conveniences Spanish-speaking immigrants have in MacArthur Park that may be attracting to them to gather around the area. For instance, the fact that there are restaurants, book stores and other shops that employ Spanish speakers and also produce the products they are looking for. I would also want to talk about the culture that is seen around in the area, particularly in regards to Latin music, immigrant festivals,Catholic gatherings and history of the area. Lastly, I would like to touch on the surrounding immigrant organizations such as CARECEN and other that exist in the area to help assist immigrants with any concerns they may have.

To sum it up, I want to explain why MacArthur Park has become a hub for Latin American immigrants through three different lenses:

-Commercial conveniences (bookstores, restaurants, fake ID places and other shops where spanish is the language of choice)

-Culture (Latin music, festivals, Catholic churches, history)

-Non-profits helping immigrants (CARECEN)

My sources for this project would be employees or customers at Bibi’s Cafe and other restaurants, the manager of the only spanish book store in MacArthur Park, a pastor of an outdoor church gathering held in MacArthur Park, MacArthur Park historian, advisors/lawyers at CARECEN.

For my multimedia element, I would like to include vinyettes with audio and photographs of different MacArthur Park residents telling me whether or not they think that MacArthur Park is an ideal hub for immigrants. I would have them explain to me why or why not. I would also want to include a timeline with some of the important immigration history of MacArthur Park, showcasing important dates when laws were passed or events were held.

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