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Sara Amanda Krevoy – Digital Footprint

Sara Amanda Krevoy, 20, a senior at the University of Southern California, is currently majoring in Print & Digital Journalism at the Annenberg School of Journalism and Communication. Krevoy is of Italian descent and was born on November 21, 1995. She grew up in Queens, New York, where she graduated from Stuyvesant High School, one of nine specialized college preparatory high schools in the state, as a part of the class of 2013. In her senior year at Stuyvesant, Krevoy was among the fifty-four students that were honored in the 2013 Scholastic Writing Awards competition. Later that same year, she decided to pack up her belongings to continue her education and moved across the country to USC.

Throughout her time at USC, Krevoy was able to pursue her passion for journalism and other interests through a number of on-campus clubs and organizations. During her freshman year, Krevoy joined Neon Tommy, an online student-run publication, as a web producer. She’s covered stories ranging from natural disasters in the Philippines to events such as the current presidential election, displaying her breadth and ability to cover topics of all forms. Sarah is also a certified lifeguard and later became one at her school’s gym, the Lyon’s Center.

Outside of her time in school, Krevoy has been able to demonstrate her interest in journalism through internships in the area. Last summer, Krevoy was able to secure a summer internship at Z100’s Elvis Duran and the Morning Show as a “prep intern,” where she helped aggregate content for the various radio stations in the iHeart Media conglomerate. In the semester following her junior year summer, Krevoy decided to join L’Italo-Americano, a Los Angeles-based bilingual news outlet, and reported on stories that, again, ran the gamut. She is currently still polishing her craft through writing for La Repubblica, and she plans on finding a job in a news outlet eventually.

Krevoy is fluent in English and Italian, proficient in Spanish and French, and is currently learning Hebrew and Portuguese to expand her language portfolio. She was a member of the rigorous and challenging Thematic Options department, the school’s advanced alternative academic route, and will graduate with an honors degree in General Education, along with her bachelor’s from Annenberg, later next year in the spring of 2017. She has been a part of the Dean’s List in the fall of 2013, spring of 2014, and fall of 2014. Her online presence is very clean and mostly private.

Jacob Kramer – Photo Bingo + .gif


I started off my morning with some coffee from the “Alchemist Coffee Project.”



The statue of Salvadorian archbishop, Messenger Oscar Romero, which was completed in November of 2013. This is just one of many works of art that adorns the park.

"Eyes Only"


Here, I found an interesting composition of two towering objects. Palm trees and street lights like this one are found throughout the rest of the park.

"Looking Up"


Many homeless people find refuge in MacArthur Park’s surrounding area. This shopping cart once belonged to an inhabitant of the park but has since been abandoned.



A loaf of bread rests on the cold concrete next to the lake. Around the park, there were tons of animals preying for food.

"Ant POV"


Minerva, 57, weaves a handkerchief along a sidewalk teeming with street vendors, which many business owners say is a growing cause for concern.



This was one of those restaurants I feel like you would see on the internet. Do you want Yogurt Smoothies? What about Chinese food? Fortunately here, you can get both.



The water in MacArthur Park’s lake is murky beyond belief, so much so that it reflects images more than it does let light through it.



Gabriel, 31, sweeps the lake floor for trash and other items that are making the water dirty. The city’s trash collectors swarm the area everyday around 2pm.



While walking in MacArthur Park, I noticed that none of the water fountains worked.

McArthur Park Gif